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Deciding where to buy a used smartphone

When consumers begin their search for a used phone, the first port of call is generally on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or a reseller of used mobile phones such as Loop (

How do you know you are getting what you paid for? What happens if the device is faulty? What guarantee does the seller provide? These are all the questions that you as a consumer should be asking before making that purchase.

    Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Marketplace offer a varied range of mobile phones & accessories that are being directly advertised by other consumers but provide little buyer confidence as there are no guarantees on the product quality. Transactions are normally conducted face-to-face which brings the added risk of theft & fraud with cash transactions.

          Loop offers a variety of used smartphones including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. The attractiveness of dealing with a reputable brand such as Loop provides consumers with the confidence that they are getting what they paid for along with a free 30-day money-back guarantee in the event the device is faulty. Their devices are independently validated through state-of-the-art device diagnostic tools such as Blancco and Piceasoft – ensuring your devices operate functionally with the best battery health.