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Where to buy used phones

Have you ever wondered what happens to your used mobile phones that are no longer wanted? For a start, they shouldn’t be thrown in the bin – they contain toxic substances such as cadmium in the batteries, lead and flame retardants which could harm the environment if incorrectly disposed of. Once second-hand phones have been tested through a reputable provider and found to be in reasonable condition, they’re often shipped abroad and sold, for example, in the Middle and the Far East, Africa and South America. Phones of low value will be dismantled, and the components sold, while phones without value will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way by the companies that recycle used mobile phones.
Where to buy used phones
Due to the rising costs of new handsets, the used phone market is a market that is growing substantially year on year. Sales of second-hand mobile phones are booming while those of new handsets stagnate. Higher prices – the iPhone XS Max can cost as much as $2,369 – quite a hefty outlay for the average Joe.
What to expect with a used mobile phone?
A device remarketed by the major retailers such as Loop, Mazuma & OzMobiles as a used mobile phone has normally gone through a strict inspection and grading process to determine the cosmetic & functional condition of the device.
The original packaging and accessories are rarely included, but the phone will usually come with a warranty for a fixed period of time which may be conditional on the grade of refurbishment. Retailers apply a ‘grade’ to used phones based on the cosmetic condition of the device – normally marketed in ‘Pristine’, ‘Excellent’ and ‘Good’ conditions.
Top Online Stores for Buying and Selling Second-Hand Phones
There are a number of major retailers in Australia for used mobile phones including www.loopmobile.com.au, www.mazumamobile.com.au, www.ozmobiles.com.auThese three websites offer plenty of choices. It is fruitful having an eye out for any exclusive deals they might launch.