Device Cosmetic Conditions

All stock has been processed through our stringent inspection process at our facility in Tullamarine, Victoria.
Through this process we conduct a full 40 point check to validate the device is fully functional with a whole range of tests conducted including (but not limited to):
  • Battery;
  • LCD/Screen;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Call Connectivity;
  • Home button;
  • Power button;
  • Volume button;
What can you expect cosmetically when buying our 100% fully functional devices?
Renewed: Device is in 'like new' condition after undergoing full refurbishment with genuine manufacturer reports. Any buyer should expect a high quality product that is not too dissimilar to a brand new device straight out of the box.
Pristine: Device is in perfect condition for a used phone - no marks / scratches / scuffs should exist on the screen or casing.
Excellent: Device is in excellent cosmetic condition, showing light signs of wear that should only be visible under light. It is most likely that the previous owner ensured their device is covered utilising a protective case.
Good: Device is in good cosmetic condition that is consistent with general wear & tear - basically, this is what you would expect a normal 'in-use' used mobile device to look like after 18-36months of usage. Any buyer should expect that the device may have some of the following imperfections: Light visible scratches on the screen, scratches on the outer shell/back casing, small dents to the frame.