How to Reset Your Forgotten Apple ID

POSTED: Aug 18, 2022

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Forgot your Apple ID? Apple makes it easy to reset your forgotten Apple ID, even if you no longer have access to the email account you originally used to sign up with them. Read this article to learn how to reset your Apple ID and restore full access to your account so you can download apps, make purchases, and more!

Forgetting your password

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac you know that Apple ID is the login to all your devices. This is either for downloading apps or simply logging into any of the services on your Apple devices. That's why problems arise when for whatever reason you lose it, don't remember it, or it's wrong. But don't worry; your equipment doesn't have to become unusable. There are still several solutions that can save you.

Restore the Apple ID password on the iPhone

If you set a password, on your iPhone go to the Settings menu. Tap on your profile or Apple ID. Click on Password and Security--> Click on Change Password -->Input your numeral code --> Set up a new password and click "change".


If you did not set a password, clicking on Change Password will open a window to perform two-factor authentication. A login request dialog box will appear. And you must click Allow. This will work only as long as you have enabled two-factor authentication.

Using your Registered Phone Number

If you don't remember your Apple ID, open your browser, and go to Apple's website. Once there, you must enter your Apple ID email address. And click Continue.

Enter the number you use with your Apple ID and click Continue.

Choose one of the ways to reset your password; either by using a different apple device or resetting your password with a new computer.

Follow the instructions according to the method you have chosen.


Delete Your Apple ID

This is the solution that can save you if you don't have the Apple ID password, screen password, or phone number.

For this we will make use of iMyFone LockWiper, a software that helps you to remove the different types of iPhones, iPad, or iPod Touch locks. Undoubtedly a great solution if you do not remember your Apple ID. For example, LockWiper is what you need if you want to erase your iPhone Apple ID without having the password or to unlock an iPad without the passcode. 

forgot apple ID

Other things it helps you with are bypassing screen time or restriction passwords, bypassing the MDM activation screen, or removing the iPhone passcode if the screen is disabled or broken. You can learn everything it does for you on its official site.

The best thing is it promises to give results without data loss, and in a very fast and easy way. It also works on both Windows and Mac.

In this case, to recover your Apple ID and password, the first thing you need to do is to download iMyFone LockWiper on your computer from this link. Install it on either Windows or Mac.

Don't worry, it's completely safe; vetted by over 20 million satisfied users. 

Launch the program and click on the Unlock Apple ID option.

Now click Unlock.

Hook up your iPhone to the computer.

Remember that if "Find My iPhone" is enabled and your device has iOS 11.4 or lower, you must first reset the iPhone. To do this on your iPhone go to Settings, then go to General, tap Reset, and then Reset all settings.

After rebooting, you can now use iMyFone LockWiper to remove the Apple ID.

On devices running iOS 11.4 and above, check to make sure that two-factor authentication is enabled, and the screen lock password has been set.

Launch the program and click on the Unlock Apple ID option.

Now click Unlock. Note that this will erase all the data on your device, but at least you will be able to use your iPhone- this will begin the process and you will now be able to use your phone again.

I am sure that these techniques that I have explained to you will be of great help in extreme cases where you don't know how you'll be able to use your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. The only thing you must do now is to implement it.

DISCLAIMER:  Bear in mind that this will erase all the data on your device, but at least you will be able to use yo

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