Guide to Buying the Best Refurbished MacBook

POSTED: Jul 22, 2021

What is a refurbished MacBook?

A refurbished MacBook is a cheap way to get on the MacBook train, offering an excellent computer that has been wiped of all previous use and brought up to modern specifications. Refurbished MacBooks differ from used MacBooks in that they are handled by licensed practitioners so there is no fear of security breaches or finding any nasty files from a previous user.

Is it worth buying a refurbished MacBook?

While new MacBooks can cause a serious drain on the bank account, a refurbished MacBook can give you the same experience for a fraction of the price. A qualified refurbisher, such as Loop Mobile, supplies a quality product with up-to-date software and a clean system, with no nasty surprises such as key log software that might be present on a used MacBook.

How much does it cost to buy a refurbished MacBook?

While a new MacBook Pro starts at $3,499 a refurbished model with a 15-inch screen can go for just $979. That means a new model can cost over 257% more than the refurbished option.

Which refurbished MacBook should I buy?

  • MacBooks come in two varieties: MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. There are two size options in both varieties.
  • Finding the best refurbished MacBook for you will largely come down to personal preference and which specifications you require. Whether you like the sleek and nimble Macbook Air, or the larger-screened and higher spec MacBook Pro, the MacBook you require is sure to be found here

MacBook Pro

  • Refurbished MacBook Pros are currently available in 13” and 15” screen sizes, but with Apple releasing a 16” model, it won’t be long until they become available refurbished as well.
  • The MacBook Pro is the model with the grunt, boasting up to 1TB of storage, and a Core 17 8559U 2.7GZ processor, giving the model the speed and the storage to handle all the apps and software that you need.
  • With a resolution of up to 2880x1800 images are be crisp and clear.
  • Upgrades such as retina display and touch bar add better clarity and higher functionality.

MacBook Air

  • This sleek and lightweight model packs enough punch for all your everyday needs, containing up to 512GB storage and a Core 17 5650U 2.2GHz processor.
  • Compact and portable, it has up to 1440x900 resolution, a high level for a smaller screen.

Where should I buy a refurbished MacBook?

When seeking the best place to buy a refurbished MacBook, the most important part is finding a reliable and licensed seller. Loop Mobile is both, ensuring that your MacBook has been brought up to current spec and absent of any previous apps and evidence of usage.

9 Benefits of buying a refurbished MacBook

1. Eco-friendly

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra of the moment and buying a refurbished MacBook satisfies all three. Reduce landfill and tech waste. Reuse a sturdy and robust computer with a lot of life in it. Recycling tech parts is a difficult and complex process; by buying a refurbished MacBook you remove the need for this.

2. Pricing

  • New MacBooks from Apple are incredibly expensive and offer comparable specs to a refurbished model.  Why pay 257% more for a product you can get so much cheaper. 

3. Scaling

  • When considering the best options for tech in your business, scaling the introduction of new computers with reliable refurbished computers is the smart and cost-effective solution.

4. Security

  • Security is the biggest difference between refurbished and second-hand MacBooks. A refurbished model is completely wiped of any previous software, including key-logging apps and other nefarious leftovers from a prior user. Refurbished models are also brought up to date, with Apple’s security protocols.

5. Support

  • With any new device, support is essential, whether you are learning a new operating system or just want to get the most out of your new product. The team at Loop Mobile are easy to reach and available on phone for direct instruction, or email for your quick questions.

6. Hardware capabilities

  • One of the reasons Apple is so ubiquitous is its hardware. Mac’s operating systems have been game-changing in the tech world and continue to lead the way, backed up by robust memory and high-speed processors to ensure fast and reliable computing.

7. Evergreen design

  • Apple doesn’t just produce fantastic computers, they also make them look incredible. The timeless design featuring aluminium casing enables your MacBook to be well protected from accidental drops, while the sleek design makes MacBooks the Ferrari of laptops.

8. Resale potential

  • Another advantage of Apple ownership is the re-sale value. MacBooks depreciate so gradually that you will easily be able to get a good price for your MacBook when you want to upgrade.
So whether you’re upgrading your business, jumping on the Apple train, or looking for a shiny and sleek laptop that will get the job done, a refurbished MacBook from Loop Mobile is a cost-effective and secure way to your next laptop.